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About Us

Welcome to the Smart Materials for Energy Lab at UNIST. Our dedicated research group focuses on the intersection of soft and low-dimensional materials, exploring the fundamentals while conducting applied studies in energy storage and flexible thin-film devices. Our expertise spans a variety of technologies, including alkali-ion batteries, metal-oxygen batteries, flexible memories, and solar cells. Utilizing cutting-edge techniques, we design and fabricate intelligent electronic devices, continually pushing the boundaries of new materials systems. Our investigations encompass both functional organic and inorganic materials. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Professor Kang at We welcome inquiries and look forward to sharing more about our innovative research endeavors.


- Position Opening

We have open positions for highly motivated graduate students and Post-doc. Please contact Prof. Kang directly at sjkang[at]

- 26th Feb 2024

KyungYeon, Eunhwan, Jonggeon, Jeongmi, Jinyeong & Jubi joined the SMEL. Welcome on board!

S. J. Kang Group at UNIST

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